Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift

March 26th, 2012

art hardings instant face lift and neck lift

art hardings instant face lift and neck lift

I was first interested in trying out Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift because I was suffering from loose skin near my neck area and lower chin. I was a bit weary of placing tape on my face because I felt like people would easily notice it. One of the great things about Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift tape is that it has hypoallergenic adhesive tabs that are connect to elastic cords that match the color of your hair so it cannot be seen.

The tightness of the instant face lift tape reminds me of a bra and helps support my neck and chin area. If it tends to pinch or pull on your skin that means it is not applied properly and must be readjusted. The goal of the face lift tape is to push your skin the direction it needs to go instead of pull. The stretchy pulling look is what causes people to notice the tape but a natural looking push with elastic hidden behind the ears makes it seem very natural.

You can wear Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift for up to 12 hours during the day but on hot days you may have to wear it for less time given the amount of moisture that can collect from a humid environment. Remember, you must have longer hair if you want to tape the neck area using the face lift tape. Otherwise it very difficult to hide it.

Face Lift Tape – My Experience

May 12th, 2010

face lift tapeI first started using face lift tape after I overheard my mother talking about ways of getting a natural face lift. She was mentioning that creams and other similar products would reduce wrinkles on the face but it would take a long time to see results. I was in search for a quick fix to tighten the skin around my face and eyes and did not want to wait. I had once heard about face lift tape but it was on a show about models who said that they use it before they hit the run way. If you take a look at a model, you will most likely notice it on them, but who’s looking right?

Finally, I heard my mom speak the words I was waiting to hear — “try this face lift tape”, I was thrilled. She had it stashed away in her beauty kit and it was finally time for me to get a facelift without surgery. This incredible product instantly gives you a mini face lift without having to wait weeks for results like creams or healing from some cosmetic procedure. Basically, there is an adhesive on the tape that pulls the skin around the eyes, cheeks and jaw back, making your skin look firm and tight. The ends of the tape have either elastic strings or tape ends that can be pulled and secured behind the ears. Once it’s fastened into place behind the ears or the sides of the forehead near the temples, the next part is to make the tape look hidden. The most visible the tape is, the more unnatural it will look.

It is best if you have longer hair that can easily cover the tape ends from showing. If you have short hair, then applying make up can do the trick. But to cover it you must place the elastic tape strings near the forehead then cover it up using make up. The quality of the face lift tape matters because low quality tape can irritate the skin and become itchy. Overall, I am pleased with using face lift tape for a few reasons. First, it is not a permanent procedure like facial cosmetic surgery and also it does not harm your body at all. Furthermore, it can be used everyday or on certain occasions. For example, if I am feeling bloated and I have a big date coming up, I use the it to tighten the skin around my face and eyes and jawline look tight. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Face Lift Tape

May 11th, 2010

face lift tape

face lift tape on model

Face lift tape is a type of natural elastic adhesive that can be applied to the face area to reduce wrinkles and pull back the skin to give it a much more tighter and younger appearance. It has been around for many years. From movies in Hollywood all the way to the runway in Paris, both actors and models have used it to refine their facial appearance naturally without the need of invasive surgery.

Now a days it is much easier to hide face lift tape and reduce is from showing by simply tucking it behind the ears. The best way to apply this face lift alternative is to pull the skin back as far as possible while simultaneously using the tape to keep the skin pushed back and then tucking away the end strings of the face lift tape behind the ears. If a person has long hair it is much easier to cover up the elastic strings of the tape. Also, by applying a decent amount of make up on the edges of the tape makes it less visible to the naked eye.

There is many different types of face lift tapes, so make sure to purchase one that is high quality because products of inferior quality can irritate the skin and potentially cause a rash to form. The sticky adhesive of the tape should not feel uncomfortable on the skin. Also, remember a slight feeling itchiness from the tape is only temporary because it is a face lift without surgery.

Overall, make sure to keep a few factors in mind before using the tape on a daily basis. First off, it is wise to use the tape for small blocks of time otherwise it can become uncomfortable to the skin. Also, it is best to have longer hair that will cover the tape behind the ears and make it not as visible. Once you are able to perfect how you wear it, it will become a mainstay natural beauty item that you can use any time you want to bring up your skin and give yourself a youthful appearance. Use face lift tape as an alternative to permanent procedures such as surgery and give yourself a natural face lift.

Face Lift Tape Information

May 6th, 2010

Face lift tape is an actual tape that physically pushes the skin back toward the ears which in-turn makes the skin look tighter around the face. It is actually a mini face lift and is a non surgical procedure. This type of face lift is great because is it not permanent and does not have any major complications. The problem with surgery is that is is too dramatic and you basically have to trust your surgeon enough that he or she will not ruin your face for life. Listen, you only get one face so be careful what you do with it.

There is many different types of individuals who use face lift tape, from regular everyday type people to models and stage performers. People also use it for different types of reasons. For example a person who has wrinkles underneath their eyes or near their lips can basically pull back the skin using the tape and then secure it behind the ears. There is face lift string that can be applied using the same procedure and then it can tied to the back of the head near the ears. If an individual has long hair it much easier to keep the tape ends or strings hidden.

The tape for facelifts is also a key thing to keep in mind. With so many different types of face tape to choose from, it can be difficult choosing the right one. For starters, keep in mind that the tape needs to be thin but of high quality so it actually does push back the skin properly without smudging. Sometimes the tape has very strong adhesive which is bad because it can irritate the skin and cause a rash.

Overall when making a decision to reduce the wrinkles on your face or to bring up the skin, face lift tape can be the best alternative to a permanent surgical procedure. This natural way of facelifts is non evasive and can be done using elastic, string or tape. Try it out and rejuvenate your skin.